Book of the Month-March

Jennifer Acosta

Title- “Flowers for Algernon”
Author- Daniel Keys

What do you think was the author’s purpose in writing this book?*

I think the author’s purpose was to entertain. It was a humorous book because the main character was a lovable person.
Who do you think is the intended audience for this book?*

I think the audience was for people who treat mentally retarded people wrong. In this book we get an insight on what goes on in the mind of a person with special needs and we sure his feelings towards the world.  
Rate the book from 1-10*


Describe the character/person who changed the most from beginning of the book to the end of the book. Explain the change and what caused it.

The whole story is based on Charlie’s changes. He starts off the book with writing daily progress reports. He writes about his feeling towards his friends, job and classes. He is very happy with his life, altough we can see he cannot write well. After the operationthat he had to make him smart, he struggles a lot of emotional conflicts and his personality sifts for the worse. Altough he does become a genius, his personal life is destroyed and he is left alone in the world.   

Monthy book club-December

Jennifer A.
“The things they carried”
Tim O’Brien

What do you think was the author’s purpose in writing this book?*

I think the author’s purpose is to tell war stories and its affects on a person’s life.

Who do you think is the intended audience for this book?*

The intended audience for this book is people who want to see a war from a different point of view.

Rate the book from 1-10*


Evaluate the ending of the book. Considering how the book unfolded, is it an effective ending? Why or why not?

The end of the book was very effective because it shows O’Brien’s own thoughts and experience of the war. Throughout the whole book O’Brien tells different war stories from others perspective. In the last chapter of the book, he explains how he had a bad experience with touching dead bodies. He takes the reader into his own life and explains his feelings towards his actions through a childhood story from his past. In the final chapter, we also get a sense of why he writes and his joy for writing. I think it is a great idea to end the book reflecting the author’s personality.

“The Bluest Eye”- Winter Questions

1. Toni Morrison opens the section of winter by comparing physical features of winter to her father. Some examples are: “His eyes become a cliff of snow threatening to avalanche; his eyebrows bend like black limbs of leafless trees”.

2.Pecola is harassed by the group of boys calling her black emo and calling her guilty of seeing her father naked.

3. Maureen Peal is adored by everyone in school. She is wealthy and different and Claudia and her sister our jealous of her attention. Claudia describes how she doesn’t have respect for her and loathe her by constantly making up names for her and teasing her behind her back.

4.  From reading the text I can tell that Claudia and her sister feel inferior of Maureen because the are constantly trying to find imperfection in her and make up new ways to offend her.

5.When the MacTeer sisters see the prostitutes in her house they  know who the prostitutes are right away. They have heard stories of them so they are set on who this prostitutes are. This shows about the MacTeer sisters how they are like everyone else under the affect of a single story.

6. Geraldine’s relationship with her cat is what affects her son’s jealousy and his reason for wanting the cause harm.

7.Geraldine relationship with her son is not good and for this reason he looks for love elsewhere and tries to force children to play in the park with him.

8.Junior and his mother both treat Pecola with disrespect

“When I was thirteen, I mapped out my life…”

The story I chose was about a women who had a vision for herself as a little girl, but life didn’t turn out the way she expected. She anticipated that she would get married and have children, the typical American dream, instead ended up divorce with no children due to several miscarriages. What stood out to me was the metaphor of mapping out your life is like making clothes  for yourself for the future when you’re not sure what size your going to be. I like that instead of feeling hopeless because life didn’t turn out like she wanted, she made it the best it could be and lived as it was granted to her. She made the best of her life and that is what we should all do.

Monthy Book Club-October

“The Merchant of Venice”

Graphic Novel

By: Gareth Hinds

What do you think was the author’s purpose in writing this book?*

The purpose of this book is to create a modern version of  Shakespeare’s classic “The Merchant of  Venice”.
Who do you think is the intended audience for this book?*

The intended audience is teenagers to understand Shakespeare’s play in a modern version.
Rate the book from 1-10*


Describe one major external conflict and one major internal conflict found in this book.

One external conflict is the bond made between Shylock and Antonio and the right of Justice. An internal conflict is Jessica and her willingness to change religion for love.

ACT III: 1-5 Study Questions

1. Why, since it won’t result in any financial gain, does Shylock insist on the terms of his bond with Antonio?

Shylock insist on his bond with Antonio because its not about the money or even the pound of flesh, its about the disrespect towards Jews and his way of getting what he deserves, what is fair.

2. What news does Tubal bring Shylock?

Tubal tells Shylock the Antonio’s ships all have been wrecked.

3. Why does Portia want Bassanio to wait before facing the challenge of the three caskets?

Portia wants to spend time with Bassanio and she knows that if he chooses the wrong casket, then he must leave right away. She is not willing to take that risk.

4. Why does Bassanio select the lead casket?
Bassanio selects the lead casket because he doesn’t jugde a book by its cover and he thinks lead is humble.
5. What does the lead casket contain?

Inside the lead casket, there is a picture of Portia and a scroll to claim the prize.

6. What does Portia claim will occur if Bassanio gives up the ring she gives him?

Their love would be doomed and she has the right to be mad with him.

7. What does Gratiano reveal after Bassanio solves the riddle of the three caskets?

Gratiano reveals that he is also in love and getting married with Nerissa.

8. Why does Portia allow Bassanio to leave before they get married?

She allows him to leave because she understands that this is an urgent matter in helping a good friend.

9. According to Antonio, why won’t the Duke be able to intercede on his behalf?

He means that there is no point in arguing with Shylock because he won’t listen and have what he wants.

10. What does Portia decide to do at the end of Act III?

Portia decided, alongside with Nerissa, to go to Venice and try to help in any way she can.

ACT IV: 1-2 Study Questions
1. What does the Duke request of Shylock?

The Duke asks for mercy from Shylock.

2. What reason does Shylock give for his wanting the pound of Antonio’s flesh?

He wants his flesh to fish with and also because that is what is just.

3. Why does Antonio advise his friends to give up attempting to dissuade Shylock?

He uses metaphors to explain that arguing with Shylock is no use.

4. Why does Shylock believe the Duke must enforce the terms of the bond?

Shylock believes he must enforce want the bond says because that is the law on which both parties agreed on and signed upon.

5. Why does Portia, disguised as the lawyer, initially conclude that Shylock’s bond must be adhered to?

She finds a way to make Shylock’s bond go against him for his own good.

6. Although she acknowledges Shylock’s right to a pound of Antonio’s flesh, how does Portia prevent the usurer from acting on it?

She states that the bond does not grant him any blood from Antonio’s body so it would be impossible to have a pound of flesh.

7. Why is Shylock stripped of his possessions?

Shylock is stripped of his possessions because he broke the law on trying to take another citizen life.

8. Apart from the financial conditions, what does Antonio’s new arrangement demand of Shylock?

He demands that Shylock lets Jessica marry happily and allows her to convert to a Christian.

9. What does the disguised Portia demand from Bassanio for her services?

She demands his ring that she gave to him.

10. Why is Bassanio reluctant to give up the ring?

He doesn’t want to give it up because she swore to not give it up or lose it or sell it to anyone.

ACT V: 1 Study Questions
1. What message does Stephano deliver to Lorenzo and Jessica?

He says the Portia will be back soon before sun set.

2. What opinion does Lorenzo hold of men who don’t like music?

He says men who don’t enjoy music have no soul.

3. What does Portia order her household not to do?

She tells them to not mention they were gone.

4. To whom does Nerissa claim to believe Gratiano gave his ring?

She accuses him of giving it to some women.

5. What does Portia threaten when Bassanio admits he gave the ring away?

Portia threatens not to lay with him as his wife.

6. What does Portia claim she will do if she encounters the doctor to whom Bassanio gave the ring?

She says he will lay with him instead of her husband.

7. How does Antonio attempt to placate Portia?

He tries to say nice things to her.

8. What does Portia offer Bassanio to seal the new promise?

She says she slept with the doctor to get the ring back.

9. What secret does Portia reveal to the company?

Portia reveals the she was the doctor and Nerissa her helper.

10. What good news does Portia tell Antonio?

She leads him to their marriage bed.

English 2 Merchant of Venice – Discussion Questions, Acts 1-2

ACT I: 1-3 Study Questions
1. What causes do Salerio and Solanio suggest for Antonio’s melancholy?

They suggest that he is in love or his ships has sunk.

2. What humorous advice does Gratiano offer Antonio?

He tells him to cheer up because only fools are serious all the time.

3. Why does Bassanio want Antonio to loan him more money?

Bassanio wants to travel to Belmont to she Portia.

4. Why is Portia angry with her deceased father?

Portia is angry with her father because he has set up a a way of choosing a husband for her so she cannot chose her own husband.

5. Why does Nerissa tell Portia she “need not fear” her unwelcome suitors?

She means the Portia will find love in one of the suitors.

6. What do Portia and Nerissa think of Bassanio?

They think he is the only one that is worthy of Portia’s love.

7. According to Shylock, why does he hate Antonio?

Antonio is a Christian and he has spat on Shylock.

8. Why is Shylock indignant over Antonio’s request?

He is not willing to give Antonio the money because Antonio has treated him badly.

9. What is Antonio’s response to Shylock’s accusation?

Antonio takes doesn’t deny what he has done and he tells Shylock to lend him the money as an enemy, not a friend.

10. In exchange for what does Shylock agree to lend Antonio and Bassanio the money?

Shylock agrees to led Antonio the money in exchange for flesh if he does not pay in the time limit.

ACT II: 1-9 Study Questions
1. Why does Morocco fear Portia will reject him at the outset?

Morocco thinks Portia will reject him for his skin color.

2. What is Bassanio’s reservation about Gratiano accompanying him to Belmont?

Bassanio makes Gratiano assure him that he is going to behave on the voyage.

3. What is Jessica’s dilemma concerning her father, Shylock?

Jessica is ashamed of being Shylock’s child.

4. How does Lorenzo plan to disguise Jessica in order for her to escape from her father?

He disguises her as a boy.

5. Before going to dine with Antonio and Bassanio, what advice does Shylock give his daughter?

To lock all doors, and stay inside.

6. Why does Jessica not want Lorenzo to see her when he arrives at Shylock’s house?

Jessica doesn’t want him to see her dressed as a boy.

7. What is Morocco’s rationale for choosing the gold casket?

Morocco chooses the gold casket because he says she is worth nothing less and every man wants to be with her.

8. What news has Salerio heard, making him anxious?

He has heard some ships that has sunk, believing it might be Bassanio’s ships.

9. How does Solanio interpret Antonio’s sadness at Bassanio’s departure?

Solanio says Antonio is sad because his best friend has left and he lives for Bassanio.

10. Which casket does Aragon choose, and why?

He chooses the silver casket because he believes he deserves Portia.

Monthy Book- September

Jennifer Acosta
“When Crickets Cry”
By: Charles Martin

What do you think was the author’s purpose in writing this book?*

The author’s purpose is to show people the realization of doing what you truly love to do and what your talented in doing. The main character tries to run away and hide who he is after a tragedy that occurs but ends up in the same place where God wanted him to be. The main character is also a Christan who struggles through his faith as he tries to run away from what God wants him to do on this Earth, save people through heart surgery.

Who do you think is the intended audience for this book?*

The intended audience could  be for people interested in the medical field, people struggling with their faith, or people trying to run away from a commitment.
Rate the book from 1-10*


Describe the character/person who changed the most from beginning of the book to the end of the book. Explain the change and what caused it.

The main character is the person who changed the most throughout the book. In the beginning of the story, he is very sad and empty and suffering from a lose. Throughout the story he meets a new purpose in his life and begins to realize his purpose in life. At the end of the story, he embraces his lost and finds joy in what he loves to do.

Reflection on Oates’ “Lady with the Pet Dog”

1. The version that I liked the best was Oates’ version because it was easier to follow and understand. I felt as though Oates proclaimed more emotion and background information on the main character.

4. Anna is so unhappy after the affair because she feels guilty and ashamed. Anna thought men did not respect her, which led to her not respecting herself, and this caused her to become suicidal. She was willing to die instead of living with her guilt and pain.

5.Anna view man as abusers who have no respect for women in the being of the story. After she realized that her lover wanted to continue to see her even after they had left Nantucket, her views of men changed slightly when she realized that maybe he had some respect and love for her.

6. Details like expressing feeling, thoughts, and beliefs allows the narration to become feminine showing Anna’s point of view. Chekhov’s version expressed more of the male’s physical attraction. This plays an essential role in the two versions because men tend to be more physical and women, more emotional.

9. At the end of the story, Anna is left off pondering a decision. Her thought of suicide has gone and she smiles in the mirror, a happy thought. I think she finally broke free of the cycle of not being respected by men and staying with a husband she doesn’t love. I believe she made the choice to run off with her lover and experience happiness for the first time.

“The Lady and the Pet Dog” reflection of Anna

As Anna has been having an affair with a man she had met on her vacation away from her husband, she had shared her most intimate feeling with him and felt as though they engaged in a secret respect for each other. On her way to her sister’s house, with her lover as the diver, Anna asks herself the question in paragraph 19, “What does it mean to enter into a bond with someone?” She ponders this as she feels safe and secure enough to doze off on the highway, the few last moments of her time with her affectionate significant other.

“The Lazy with the Pet Dog” answers this question as though to enter into a bond with someone is to enter a comfort zone with that person, a zone where you trust each other and feel as though you can do whatever you please in front of that person and not feel ashamed. Oates expresses this by Anna feeling the ability to sleep awhile as she notices how the other cars, speeding by on the highway, as couples relax with each other, or enter into a bond together, just as Anna feels with her loved one.